The benefits of using electric lighters

electric lighters

Dear readers. You can look at this positive matter any which way you like. Take into account your own personal circumstances and lifestyle choices or habits. This is because where today’s electric lighters are concerned, benefits will always accrue. Now, such benefits are far too numerous to consider here. Remember, it takes all kinds to make the earth move. So, for the time being, this article looks at three scenarios which propagate, if you like, the advantages of utilizing today’s electric lighters and how they trump all other conventional lighters.

The article considers the emotions of the regular cigarette smoker, the barbecue fan and the nature lover. Let us start then, with a day in the life of a hapless smoker. Today’s shrinking minority of smokers are a forlorn bunch indeed. There seems to be no place left for them to smoke. The smoking restrictions are getting tighter and tighter as we speak. And even if a ‘perfect’ spot is finally found, just a brief glimpse of sunlight perhaps while the rain has taken its own break, up comes a gust of wind. The smoker’s struggle continues.

He cannot light his darn smoke. Flick, flick, and before you know it, it is time to head back up to work again. But not so with the electric lighter. The moment the lid is opened, out comes the butane flame. The smoker can be as languorous as he wishes. Really, quite literally, take his time with his smoke and go to town. Because that electric flame never goes out, no matter which way the wind blows and how hard it blows. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, wind. Speaking of the elements, this is something that the regular barbecue man (or woman) needs to consider.

Of course, it goes without saying that no barbecue will be forthcoming in pouring rain or an icy blizzard, but when the wind does gust up a bit along the shoreline, the electric lighter’s flame is lighted without being impacted by the wind. The barbecue man can light his coals perfectly, just like his next set of prime ribs or leg needs it to be. The electric flame is always on standby whenever inclement weather decides to have a say. If rain should start to drizzle by the time a campfire needs to be started, the electric flame can keep that fire going.

The nature lover likes to keep things perfectly natural. But this is not possible. Unless he plans on sitting in the dark all night, he is going to have to accept that relying on mankind’s inventiveness is pragmatic. The electric flame or Tesla coil has been around since the turn of the nineteenth century. So, out in the woods, what could be more authentic (and practical) than having an electric lighter handy. And perhaps you are not a camper, barbecue master or smoker. You will still always have use for a light.