RichestCelebrities.Bio – Athletes Who Lost It All

Whenever we talk about the money that celebrities are making, we put our focus on the fact that they earn a lot of money. But do we ever think about the money they lose? Or the money they end up spending because they are not wise with the way they invest their earnings? Yes, no one is saying that you should have sympathy for an athlete or an actor who ended up wasting away the millions they earned. But it is something that we should think about. Why does it happen and what can we do about it?

Going on a site like to see how much a celebrity is worth is very interesting. And sometimes we come across these celebrities who you would assume are worth a ton of money. But when you see their net worth figures, they are a lot less than you would imagine. Why is this is the case? Is there a reason why certain celebrities end up having a much larger net worth than others, even though they earned similar amounts over their career? Yes, the main reason why these discrepancies happen is because of how people manage their money.

Let us take athletes as the example. The reason why athletes are often the ones that end up wasting their money is because it comes to them hard and fast, and it does not keep coming for very long. Yes, an athlete can have a nice and long career, but they could also have a career at the top that does not last for more than five or six years. Injuries or poor performance can easily mean that an athlete only gets one or two very high paid contracts, which means they have to manage their money in the appropriate way.

But when an athlete gets their first big contract – let us say it is worth $6 million for two years. The athlete assumes this money is going to keep coming. In fact, they assume it is only the start. They will end up spending all of the first contract earnings on wasteful things. They will buy fancy houses, cars, massive yachts and they will start to spend their money on friends and acquaintances too. So, what happens when all of these things are being done, and the athlete does not end up getting a renewal at the same figures?

What happens is that you end up with a situation where they do not have most of the money they earned. It is all gone. They squander it, and they end up having to live a lot more within their means when the next contract comes around. This is why it is so important for athletes to make sure they are not wasting away the money they earn when it first starts to come around. It is the worst thing that you can do – spending all of your money right away and not having anything saved. We think it only applies to us, but even celebrities can fall victim to this.