Indian Child Foster Care

Indian Child Foster Care

Uma Nemingkim:  All My Relations: Relative Placement.
Specialized Treatment Foster Care and Adoption

For children needing out of home placement, the first line of placement is with a relative.  Many times relatives are not prepared for the issues these children develop in adolescence.  We help relatives through early intervention, provide protection around the children as they fulfill the role of the clan in caring for children.

When relatives are not available, we have foster parents parents to temporarily care for children while their families regain balance in their lives.  We view foster care as a short term solution.  Our foster program includes the SPIRIT Incredible Years Program, Little STARS, and child skills training focused on facilitating social and emotional development, academic performance and cultural pride.  Services are offered in the foster home and to the biological parents.  We advocate for the children to be re-unified with their parents and equip the parents with skills to better protect their children and understand the issues they are facing in the context of historical trauma.

When a relative or parent isn't able to restore the Circles of Care around the child an American Indian adoptive parent steps in to provide family for the child.  In these cases we advocate for maintaining ties with the child's tribe and relatives.  We also provide family strengthening services for the adoptive parent.

Children are Gifts from the Creator:  Treat them Well
Spending a little time today provides a lot of protection later and for the next seven generations

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